How to complete the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)

May 24, 2021

As California real estate agents and brokers, it is our statutory(legal) duty to conduct a competent and diligent visual inspection for 1-4 residential units that are for sale; this includes single family homes, condos and mobile homes. 

In the 20 minute video below, I explain when and how to complete the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure in order to document the findings from your visual inspection of a property. 

Unfortunately, many agents either complete the form incorrectly or do not complete it all all.  Although, the AVID form itself is not a required document,  it helps us complete and report what we find.  So, every broker should require their agents to use the AVID form for all buyer and seller transactions. 

After watching the video below, should you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please let me know.

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